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Morgan is here to negotiate a fair deal for you! Here is how she looks after clients who are purchasing a home for the first or the one hundredth time.

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Work with a REALTOR® who knows the difference between writing an offer on “the one” and writing an offer just to get this thing over with.

Morgan is proud to say that she works mostly from referrals, and that comes from a drive to find the exact right home for the right client!

When you meet, she’ll ask you a whole bunch of questions to get a really clear picture of what you want and need – from the right neighbourhood down to the right pantry!


It is important to nail down a price point before you start shopping. The best way to do this is to get preapproved with a trusted mortgage broker.

As a team, you will define a budget that accommodates your needs and goals, but also accounts for the costs associated with homeownership and closing your purchase.

Best of all, these services won’t cost you a dime. In Alberta, the buyer’s agent fee is typically paid for by the sellers.


When you decide to work with Morgan, you will immediately get out and look at homes *YOU* want to see. As you get to know each other a little better, she may suggest properties you haven’t noticed. Together you will look at as many homes as it takes!

When you have found the one, Morgan will be right along side you for all of the next steps. There is ALOT of paperwork, and it is her business to know it all inside and out.

She will coordinate all of the aspects of the purchase from the lawyer and mortgage broker, to any repair and renovation quote you may need. 

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